120 / Push and Pull

Hey, hope you find something nice to read this week 🤗

Toot of the Week

getting fired from apple for printing out little pieces of paper that say ".DS_Store" and leaving them everywhere — @chrisisgr8@tech.lgbt


Cutting Room Floor

  • Creativity faucet: Increase your creativity (julian.com)

    Julian Shapiro about what they call the creativity faucet; you almost always start with a bad idea and the trick is to keep trying.

  • Mirage at Apple Park (arun.is)

    Arun about the newest addition to the Apple Campus: An art installation called "Mirage". Thanks, Jan!

  • We're all lurkers now (embedded.substack.com)

    Kate Lindsay about the current state of social media: Everyone's either shouting into the void or lurking.


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